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Devil's Run, Route 666 - Hell's Highway

The second edition of Devil's Run, Route 666 is here!

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The second edition of Devil's Run, Route 666 is here! The long awaited Hell's Highway sees the Law Haulage Company fight for dominance of the Northern Bay area with the Skinners faction, th Purple Caussairs 

Devil's Run, Route 666: Hell's Highway includes:


4 Grey Resin Miniatures (The Law Haulage Company Commander, Dispatcher and 2 Defenders)

4 Purple Resin Miniatures (The Purple Caussair Wyvern, Grappler and 2 Krakarts)

80+ full colour cardboard tokens

3 double-sided board tiles

A full colour rulebook with 8 all new Missions

27 Card representing the vehicles, weapons and Characters. Cards including 32 new.


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