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Devil's Run, Route 666 - Reaper's Revenge

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The Reaper's Revenge is a stand alone expansion set which is fully compatible with both the Original Game and Hell's Highway

Sales price £50.00

A battle between the Hunters and the Questing Knights...who will win...who will even survive? 

Devil's Run, Route 666: Reaper's Revenge includes:


9 Resin Miniatures (The QK Fixer, 3 QK Stallion bikes, 3 Hunter Escoba bikes, Vampyr's Unholy and the Road Reaper's Severous)

6 Acrylic Bases

80+ full colour cardboard tokens

3 double-sided board tiles

A full colour rulebook with 8 all new Missions

36 Cards including 32 new.


Monday, 19 March 2018
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