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Word Forge Games is a fresh and dynamic card and board game manufacture driven by a team of 30-something gamers. Our first project, Devil’s Run: Route 666, exploded onto the scene in 2015. We have a pipeline of games in various stages of production or launch. In 2016 we also launched CheekZ a poker-esque Hamster battle game of double entandre, bluffing and skill and are working on two big projects for 2017.


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The highly popular Devil’s Run was officially released at Salute 2016, after a successful Kickstarter campaign in mid-2015. The Devil's Run: Route 666 is a fast-moving and hard-hitting vehicular combat board game set in a post-apocalyptic America; a dark and barbaric place in the very near future, where World War 3 has seen the demise of half the world. Twenty years after the war, those that have survived must fight for everything. Post-apocalyptic North America is a feudal land where only the toughest survive. 

The Devil’s Run is primarily a pickup-and-play board game, but is also the entry point to a campaign and gang building experience. It is a 20mm car game, perfect for people to convert and create their own vehicles from toy cars available in every supermarket and toy store. Each player controls a gang of ramshackle vehicles and their characterful drivers as they race across the remains of America to lay claim to aid drops, food and fuel. Each gang will do whatever it takes to get to there first... bash, crash, smash, race, win!

In the box there are 4 double-sided road tiles (which are used to make a rolling road), stat cards with full colour art and 8 exquisitely detailed resin miniatures. It uses a three dice system (D3, D6 & D10) and has intuitive simple rules that allow a cinematic and highly tactical experience. You really feel like you are in a death race of crashing cars, buggies, motorbikes and trikes. There are eight missions included in the game, but there will be well over 25 more available to download for free here.  Also freely downloadable, the advanced rules allow for character development, vehicle customisation, a plethora of weapons and equipment and lots of new characters.

The main game is complemented by a number of ‘add-on’ packs which can be used to strengthen your gang. Each of these includes at least one resin model and all the stat cards needed to play. There are 7 factions to choose from, including the rough and tough Haul’s Angels and the camp and corrupt Law Haulage Company. The zealous, female led Justice and the BritAttack, a mash-up parody of British life and culture based out of Texas, USA, are rounded out by the Brazilian-funded stars of the most popular TV programme of all time: The Hunters. Each of these gangs is multifaceted and has an in-depth background.

This isn’t all though for Devil’s Run: You will also notice that we now have the Jet faction, which base all their technology on vehicles they find in the air museum they call home. We have other factions coming too, as well as a resource management adventure game, card based game and very excitingly the Devil’s Run Role Playing Game by Red Scar Publishing (Website), using both their Trinity game system developed specially for Devil’s Run RPG and the highly popular Savage Worlds system. Lots to come!

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How much seed can you fit in your cheeks? - From this simple question spawned a worldwide phenomenon. Only the most well-trained hamsters can prove their worth by doing battle in the Cheekz arena. There shall be no turning the other cheek, as you force your opponents to spread their cheeks and spill their seed. Each player takes control of a hamster with a unique personality and talents. Use cheeky cunning and well-timed bluffs to plant the seed of doubt into the minds of your opponents, forcing them into the wrong move.

Cheekz is a beautifully drawn and designed card game by the Youtube personality Andy Ransome (Andy 2D6) and Word Forge Games. We have had a lot of fun and laughs as this project has been designed and gone through play test. It’s a Beer and Pretzel type of game, but one with hidden depth and skill.

Andy’s Tongue in Cheek Designer notes: Since I was but a small child, I dreamt of one day creating a card game to simulate the bitter struggle for supremacy that takes place in hamster cages across the globe. During the exhaustive research phase of this project I took it upon myself to live among the hamsters, eventually being accepted into their tribe. As I observed their face-filling ways, making over six hundred pages of detailed notes, my respect for these remarkable creatures grew to a level I never thought possible. Hamsters truly are the kings of the world.

Website WFG Services

As we have grown and developed, we have made many friends in the industry and, as such, we have help many other companies and people bring their projects and dreams to life; whether by creating an art peice for them, or sculpting a 3D sculpt of their brainchild. We also have a suite of state of the art 3D printers that have been designed specifically for the miniatures industry.

Our Resin Casting is second to none - we work with many of the big games companies, supplying their resin miniatures; if its grey and made of resin it is very likely one of ours! But it's not just about the big boys, we also love to work with new companies and private individuals. Whether you want 1 model or 1000s we are the partner for you!

But that's not all, need help with packaging for your game or need someone to lay out cards or rulebooks...look no further!

Need a partner to help you distribute or market...again look no further!

With qualified marketers, amazing artists, state of the art technology and industry leading casting techniques, Word Forge Games are the partner you can trust to deliver what you need to make your project a reality.