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2x Bronze Geek Award winner.
Sales price £45.00

In this game, you take the role of an airborne trooper during the night of the D-Day landings. As you got separated from the rest of your unit, you land far from your objective, near a bunker containing German guns. You must destroy these guns before they stop the landings! The problem is that you lost all your equipment... AIYP has 3 play modes (basic, advanced, scenarios), and features 22 scenarios, 16 special operatives, 92 item cards, 64 location tiles, 8 bunker commanders, 4 mini figurines and more (over 200 cards total!).

In Airborne In Your Pocket, players explore their surroundings by placing Location tiles and resolving Event cards every turn. They must find the Ammo Dump to obtain some explosives and enter the bunker to sabotage its guns. Of course, there are German soldiers everywhere, so players will have to hide or fight their way through.

AIYP can be as simple (Basic Game) or as involved (Scenarios & Campaigns) as the player wishes. The Advanced Game and Scenarios allow you to play as American, British, Canadian and French soldiers. The game comes in four different sets, and each set has enough components for one player. To add more players, add more sets (up to four can play).

Airborne in Your Pocket is a two time Board Game Geek Golden Geek nominee.

Airborne in your Pocket includes everything you need to play cooperatively from 1 to 4 players in one box.