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Climb aboard your command vehicle, power up your neuro-link and send your combat drones into battle! Armoured Digital is a tabletop miniatures wargame where two or more players take the role of elite Digipaths, humans with the ability to re-program computers by instinct. Tanks, Walkers, Hovercraft and Aircraft trade shots through the wilderness left by the fall of humanity as Digipaths fight for control over resources. 

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In Armoured Digital, players take control of a force consisting of a Digipathic commander, their command vehicle, their combat and logistic drones, and a production facility. All actions those drones make is the result of an orders program (represented in the game by cards). Players select the right mix of cards to allow their units to move, shoot and take special actions in pursuit of victory. These cards come with full instructions, meaning that with minimal instruction players can be up and running in minutes. However, the selection of cards, units, commanders and situations means that the game never plays the same way twice.

Unique to Armoured Digital is the ability to build new units during the game. Players can replace their losses, or even change their force mix, to counter the enemy’s tactics in real time. Logistics vehicles race under the enemy’s guns to grab as many resources as they can from the contested mine in the centre, and then race back to feed the production units.

Armoured Digital uses flexible win conditions, so players can change their strategy mid-battle to keep up with the fluid battle. Choosing a faction will also give you new ways to win. Armoured Digital rewards players who think on their feet!



The World of Armoured Digital

Humanity built AI to serve them, and we entered a golden age of plenty. But no social change occurs without trouble, and a small group of programmers managed to remove the safety systems governing the AI. Soon, agricultural AI were tearing down towns to build crops. Mining AI dug up cities to get at the valuable minerals underneath them, and construction AI built apartment blocks that no human would dare inhabit. We struck back at them, and the AI rose to meet the threat. The war escalated until humanity and the AI were both all but wiped out.

Now, humans live in small walled compounds called Enclaves, scattered across the world, living in fear of the wilderness. AI, too, are scattered, still trying to carry out their core programming in isolation. The Digipaths, our weapons against the AI, are no longer under command. Instead, they are making their own decisions, giving their own orders.


The Factions


Digipaths have split along ideological lines into factions. Some of them want to enslave what remains of humanity, others to protect it. Some are very involved in humanity, while others avoid non-Digipaths. Who is right? Who will still be standing?

The BASTIONS are tinkerers, engineers and scientists. They are curious about the world and its workings, but it is rare to see a Bastion war party away from their walled retreats. When they ride to battle, though, they are single-minded in pursuit of their objectives and bring substantial knowledge of their technological systems with them.

The BUSHI are a proud group, dedicated to honing their martial spirit. They aim to make their combat drones extensions of their own minds, so as to achieve their full potential in battle. They abhor dishonourable acts, and will fight both to practice their skills and to protect the weak.

The HOPLITES believe that only the strong can rule the world. They know that in this world, it is the Digipaths who are strongest and they will crush anyone who gets in their way. They are aggressive in seeking out new assets and lands to conquer, and put ordinary humans to work merely as labourers and breeders. 

The NOMADS see themselves as a part of their communities. They work side by side with normal humans, operating their machinery and protecting them from AI. They rove the wastes of the war, part of mobile communities called Tribes, and are resourceful enough to use everything they can get their hands on.

The SKALD see chaos as the ultimate means to improve. They strongly favour unconventional methods and tactics, and seek to bring chaos to all of humanity in order to improve it. They fight not to destroy, capture or defend, but simply as an end unto itself.

The TEMPLARS do their best to defend what remains of humanity. They work to stop Enclaves from being taken by AI, other Digipaths or even normal humans. For their efforts, however, they are still Digipaths and still feared and hated by the rest of humankind.


Miniatures and Game Contents

Armoured Digital uses finely detailed 1/100 (15mm) scale miniatures. These are cast in Word Forge's resin that is very easy to work with.

The two-player boxed set comes with everything needed for two players to get started, or for one person to start a large army. Included are all the cards, dice and tokens needed to play.

Each unit in Armoured Digital is built with mobile parts like turrets separately, and the rest of the miniature in a single piece. Players can expand their collections with more individual units, ready to drive onto the battlefields or build during a game. Each new unit comes with an orders card that players can use to expand their tactical options.

Miniatures are not the only element of the game for players to collect and organise for battle. New Commander cards allow players to select their leaders and completely change their play style. Unit stat cards and Production Specs give players all the information they need to get playing.

Perhaps the most important cards that a player can gain are the Orders cards needed to have their units carry out actions. A full deck of orders are included in the main game box, but players can expand their collection through purchasing additional miniatures or faction packs. Some orders cards offer greater rewards, but come with risks or restrictions that may make them more difficult to use. Others give access to special rules or actions that can, if used at the right moment, turn the tide of battle.