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Airborne in your Pocket (or AIYP for short) by Emmanuel Aquin, has had an interesting past. It started life as an award-nominated print and play game, then became the second Kickstarter by the now defunct 'Valley Games'. As a result of Valley's demise, AIYP entered a limbo of around 5 years, without fulfilment. Word Forge Games aquired the licence for AIYP alongside D-Day Dice, meaning AIYP will see a new lease of life as we develop the game for the unfulfilled Valley Games backers and a new generation of players. 

Watch this space! 

The night before June 6th, 1944, more than ten thousand Allied paratroopers were dropped into enemy territory to prepare the Normandy landings – but the troop-carrying planes were blasted by German anti-aircraft fire, scattering their airborne troops everywhere but where they were supposed to be.

You are one of these paratroopers. And as luck turns out, the winds have blown you directly where you are needed the most! As you were descending, you discovered a terrible sight: the Germans have installed two 24.0 cm Guns in a hidden bunker. Those cannons are set to fire at the beaches of Normandy. You alone can stop them from killing the Allied troops! All you need is some explosives...

In Airborne In Your Pocket, players explore their surroundings by placing Location tiles and resolving Event cards every turn. They must find the Ammo Dump to obtain some explosives and enter the bunker to sabotage its guns. Of course, there are German soldiers everywhere, so players will have to hide or fight their way through.

AIYP can be as simple (Basic Game) or as involved (Scenarios & Campaigns) as the player wishes. The Advanced Game and Scenarios allow you to play as American, British, Canadian and French soldiers. The game comes in four different sets, and each set has enough components for one player. To add more players, add more sets (up to four can play).