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350Mg Soma Medicine

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Buy Xanax Pills Online

In a maelstrom of carnage and destruction worthy of a George Miller movie, the Devil's Run setting exploded onto the kickstarter scene with the high-octane fun of the Route 666 board game. The setting's popularity has grown and grown thanks to the hugely successful Hell's Highway expansion, but the thrill of the ride is far from over!

Red Scar will be providing dual support for both 2d20 and the popular Savage Worlds system. This means that NPCs will be provisioned with stats for both 2d20 and Savage Worlds, while full rules will be provided for faction-specific career packages and exciting new Edges that focus on vehicular carnage. Additionally, we will be exploring the provision of vechicles as Extras, which will allow for them to be developed and grow with the characters in a more dynamic form as the campaign develops.

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