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Infighting and power-struggles had near-on decimated the Texan gang as it drove across the remnants of the Lone Star State towards the West Coast. Their leader decided to go back to his roots and developed a fully functioning travelling community of sub-gangs which follows the rules and retributions of mid-twentieth century East End London. BritAttack was born.

As the Gang settles in Pacifica, CA., the cultures and traditions of each of its travelling groups must meld and combine. If they can, this 1960s British stylised Gang will be a force to be reckoned with...Groovy Baby!

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Order Adipex P 37.5Mg

SALE 30% OFF. Originally a band of four, the BeefEaters are ...

Sales price: £7.00

SALE 30% OFF. The CabCroozers are designed to provide heavy ...

Sales price: £7.00

LordHood is the lead character of the BritAttack faction. ...

Sales price: £15.00

SALE 30% OFF. Nippy and highly maneuverable the BritAttack ...

Sales price: £7.00

Favoured by the BritAttack gang because of their ...

Sales price: £9.00

An embroidered patch of the BritAttack logo (10x8cm)

Sales price: £8.00

SALE 30% OFF. Driven by a small Clan within the BritAttack, ...

Sales price: £7.00

SALE 20% OFF. Are you playing as the BritAttack? Do you ...

Sales price: £20.00

SALE 30% OFF. This model is the 20mm version of the 2019 ...

Sales price: £7.00