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Divine Maquina is a new breed for a post-apocalyptic era, born only a year after the devastation she has known no other life. She is a savant that just gets engines. She lives a solitary life, but is often aligned to a faction when a run occurs. She knows how to protect herself and how to beat the odds. A clever young woman who takes what she wants and gives what she needs.
Sales price £15.00

This model is the result of one of our 'Designated Driver' pledges. Divine is a Freelancer (hence can join any faction). Maquina is a new breed for a post-apocalyptic era, born only a year after the devastation she has known no other life. She is a savant that just gets engines. She lives a solitary life, but is often aligned to a faction when a run occurs. She knows how to protect herself and how to beat the odds. A clever young woman who takes what she wants and gives what she needs.

This set comes with a 1 large multipart resin model and 6 Cards: All you will need to play Divine in the Devil's Run: Route 666.