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SALE 30% OFF. The most frequently used car driven by the Haul's Angels is the 'Gasser', it is well armoured comfortable and has plenty of space to carry back the haul from the majority of the runs. This kit also includes a card to represent the 'Gasser' class of car in any faction. This set includes 1 new driver character card not included in the main game and 1 multipart models, as well as all the Cards you need to play.
Sales price £7.00

SALE 30% OFF. £10 to £7

The most frequently used car driven by the Haul's Angels is the 'Gasser', it is well armoured comfortable and has plenty of space to carry back the haul from the majority of the runs. This kit also includes a card to represent the 'Gasser' class of car in any faction. This set includes 1 new driver character card not included in the main game and 1 multipart models, as well as all the Cards you need to play.