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Order Xanax Pills

SALE 30% OFF. The Speedster class of Car is popular with the Skinners, for the reasons it's name suggests. They adorne their cars will all manner of foul trophies, not least the skin of their fallen foes. Their Carcuss cars are nothing more than a chassis, engine, 4 wheels and a whole load of body parts...Lovely!
Sales price £7.00

SALE 30% OFF. £10 to £7

The Speedster class of Car is popular with the Skinners, for the reasons it's name suggests. They adorne their cars will all manner of foul trophies, not least the skin of their fallen foes. Their Carcuss cars are nothing more than a chassis, engine, 4 wheels and a whole load of body parts...Lovely!  


This multipart resin kit includes everything needed to play the Skinner's Carcuss car.