D-Day Dice: Overlord

Campaign mode allowing for up to 12 players.
Price / kg:

This expansion includes:

  • Full campaign rules
  • variant Battle Map of GOLD Beach (with one bunker) and
  • Battle Map: Strongpoint Daimler.
  • a token sheet
  • plus the necessary components to add 2 players to your campaigns: 2 sets of RWB dice, 2 sets of all new Specialists including resource cards (Greece and Norway) and 2 unique Unit Markers
  • a full set of Awards, Items and Vehicles
  • 4 new and exclusive Awards
  • 4 new and exclusive Legendary Units: The Maori Battalion, the 3rd Algerian Infantry Division, the US Third Army (Patton's Own) and 30 Assault Unit (Ian Fleming's Red Indians).