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Buy Valium 5Mg Online Uk

A pocket-sized solo-play/2 player co-op game where you must defeat waves of enemies before they defeat you.
Sales price £17.00

Pocket Landship is a solo and 2 player co-operative dice and card game, set in an alternative early 20th century, pitting the player(s) against an onslaught of enemy mechs, artillery, infantry, and more.

The game is called 'Pocket Landship' for a reason. It is a small game, designed to be played in a small space and to be carried easily in your pocket or bag. It is all about being a fun, compact, transportable solo and 2 player game.

Comments from players on the P&P version:

"This is a great little [game] that I can throw down with limited space/time and still feel like I have a full game experience." - Hexgnome13

"Fast, modular, and full of decisions." - Rseater

"My sessions seem to involve more and more plays at a time ... which is a very good sign of course. I am still having a lot fun trying to get a higher win percentage. I am sure I will be playing this a lot more .... This is better than many small games commercially available on the market imho. Very happy I found this, kudos to the designer for making this interesting little solo game! " - Olafslomp



Pocket Landship started as a '9 card game' designed for the design contest in 2017. It won 1st place for Best Wargame, and 3rd place for best overall (hence a Golden Geek Award).  Since then, Pocket Landship has had over 800 recorded plays on from over 100 different players.  People from 26 countries around the world have played, rated, and/or commented on the game on

In other words, the core of Pocket Landship has been well tested and improved over the last two years.  This expanded Kickstarter version of the game has been developed and thoroughly tested over the last 6 months. 

And, if you want to play the original, "classic" 9 card version of the game, go ahead.  Grab 3 player cards, 6 enemy cards, and some dice for a take anywhere, shorter version of Pocket Landship.

Try the Print and Play Buy Alprazolam In Mexico.