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SALE 30% OFF. The Skinners attract all manner of villainy and scum and the brothers Dan and Sean are no exception. Dan (or is it Sean) love to blast the unexpecting from their ride with the 'Devil's End', a legendary weapon and one of the most powerful in the game. This kit also includes a card to represent the 'Sunner' class of car in any faction. Sunners allow a gunner to get near 270 degree arc of fire.
Sales price £7.00

SALE 30% OFF. £10 to £7

The Skinners attract all manner of villainy and scum and the brothers Dan and Sean are no exception. Dan (or is it Sean) love to blast the unexpecting from their ride with the 'Devil's End', a legendary weapon and one of the most powerful in the game. This kit also includes a card to represent the 'Sunner' class of car in any faction. Sunners allow a gunner to get near 270 degree arc of fire.


This set includes all you need to make the Ghost or a generic Sunner class of car. This set includes 1 multipart resin miniature and 6 cards: All you need to play this vehicle in the Devil's Run: Route 666.