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Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg

SALE 25% OFF. Includes a very large (~30cm long) model. The rig acts as a mobile armoured bunker with a myriad of big guns, a heavily fortified cab and even a Helipad.
Sales price £30.00

SALE 25% OFF. £40 to £30

The War-Rig Expansion Pack includes a very large (~30cm long) model. The rig acts as a mobile armoured bunker with a myriad of big guns, a heavily fortified cab and even a Helipad.

The rig can be set-up as a full length vehicle, or with a shortened rig. The Cab can even be fielded on its own.

This multi-part large resin kit can be played with any faction and includes 10 cards: All you need to play the Warrig in the Devil's Run.

(Check out the Download section for 3 Warrig missions - coming soon!).