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Buy Diazepam Edinburgh

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Buy Diazepam Edinburgh

SALE 40% OFF. Shelly is a forthright manager, who loves nothing better than bashing heads with her little friend Steve the Bat!
Sales price £6.00

SALE 40% OFF. £10 to £6


Shelly the Team Manager. Ben has done a great job on this miniature. I love the shell-suit and her hair particularly. I also think that his Ogress template is really nice, she is not a monstrosity or some perverted Ogre in drag pose. Well done Ben.

Shelly is a forthright manager, who loves nothing better than bashing heads with her little friend Steve the Bat! - but, she is a lot more than that, a master tactician and born with a foresight many of her contemporaries can only wish for, Shelly's managerial skills gives her team a massive advantage and her opposition more than the normal type of headache.