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Buy Legit Adipex Online

SALE 40% OFF. Big, bad and mad: The Bayside Behemoths are a team to be reckoned with!
Sales price £24.00

SALE 40% OFF. £40 to £24


This set includes 4 one-piece resin Ogres and 1 two-piece resin Ogres, as well as 5 32mm resin bases. 


LECTOR: This masked-man (Ogre!) was one of the first Gore ball miniatures ever!.

A stalwart of the team, Lector likes to hide behind a mask for two very good reasons: 1. He thinks it makes him look more scary and 2. He is actually rather handsome (for an Ogre), and has caused the team's Cheerleading team to make a couple of fatal mistakes - a distracted Ogre Cheerleader is a very dangerous thing. 

SWAMPY: The only 2-part model in the set, the Swampy model is an awesome pose.

A relatively old (and smelly) Ogre, Swampy knows his Goreball and love nothing more than smashing some Northern heads together. As such, he will always be found near the half-way line looking for a snap kick-off.

SLAMMER: A 1-piece model, Slammer is posed ready to do some serious damage.

Even for an Ogre, Slammer has a massive gut. He is not particularly fast, but by jove, don't get too close to him, unless you fancy becoming a new splat on the pitch! 

THUMPER: Thumper rounds out the team.

Right hook or left hook...why choose? Thumper loves nothing better than walloping the opposing team's star player with one hell of a thump; well actually he does love something better...walloping the whole team!

Banshee, THE female Ogre Player: We love a bit of equal opportunity, even in the fantasy world of GORE BALL; so even though it costs more to sculpt a female player, rather than repose for another male player - we just had to do it!  

She is THE ultimate Player. Original the game was just for the boys, but Banshee showed them the error of their ways! Scream for the Banshee!