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The signature model of Clint's collection, Sharktipede is a wonderful mash-up and a truly new creation.

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Available for pre-order for delivery in the 1st week of June


Clint created Sharktipede after being inspired by movies such as Sharknado, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Deep Blue Sea, Croczilla, and Pacific Rim. 

He wanted to make a creature who could easily be fighting a giant robot with humanity running from it in terror OR chasing a cook down a flooded hallway in an underwater research lab! Of course it had to be a shark and in order to make a shark more awesome and terrifying he needed to be combined with something that would make him strong, faster, and scarier. But sharks are already awesome so.... HOW!?

Sharktipede was born!

At 4 inches tall Sharktipede makes an awesome and fearsome presence on any table top game as well as a unique collectible for display