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Z War One: Delta Six

Will even the crack team known only as Delta 6 survive the horde? It's up to you!

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The frozen north of the UK is a safe haven during the winter months, the undead firmly frozen in their tracks. Refugees and military alike sit behind the relative (if a bit chilly) safety of the wall. One group of elite soldiers are not so lucky...

Whether it be intel gathering or search and rescue, RAC (Reconnaissance & Containment) Teams brave the not-so-frozen hell on earth that exists south of the wall, spearheading humanity's fight back against the infected hordes.


The Delta-6 add on costs £12 and includes:  

  • 4 highly detailed RAC Trooper miniatures (plastic resin or metal)
  • 4 character cards
  • 12 full colour equipment cards
  • The Online Delta-6 mission dossiers

Delta-6 heroes are playable in all director games & in their own mission dossiers.