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Z War One: Infected Heroes

Infected versions of Sam, Kat, Victor, Cole & Goose for use in director games.

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In campaign games, the death of a hero ends the mission, but In the director games, any fallen heroes immediately jump back into the game as a "newborn" zombie & join the forces of the evil director! Newborn Zombies are faster than regular zombies and have a far better takedown/bite. The hardest thing about them though is that the director controls them so they don't follow the normal zombie rules and can lurk...eeek!

It doesn't take long for the infected to become a big problem!



In addition to the comic book campaign, the 2-5 player Director Mode is a quick-play game variation, allowing one player, through the use of director cards, to stack the odds against the heroes, manipulating spawning, pacing & enemy behaviour to suit their own evil design!