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Z War One: Total War Bundle

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The Z war One Bundle includes Z War One: Damnation - Issue 1 plus Issue 2 and the Agent Z pack
Sales price £79.00

The Z war One Bundle includes Z War One: Damnation - Issue 1 plus Issue 2 and the Agent Z pack

Each subsequent comic book acts as an expansion pack, continuing the game's epic story, whilst introducing new miniatures, game mechanics & environments. 



The Issue 1 box set contains everything you need to start playing Z War One:

  • The Z War One Issue 1 rule book / extended comic book
  • 22 highly detailed 28mm metal miniatures (unpainted).
  • 4 full colour double sided game tiles (12x12)
  • 36 doors & stands
  • 60 full colour cards
  • 4 character cards
  • 55 full colour game counters
  • 1 character tracker pad
  • 4 eight sided dice 



Issue 2 is upon us and with it, comes the mighty Digger. Bursting from the ground and tearing apart our heroes in seconds, Diggers make the shambling Z hordes feel like a minor inconvenience.  Fortunately, standing between these fearsome subterranean foes and our inevitable extinction is one VERY well prepared Yorkshireman and his dog.

The story continues - 4 more epic chapters... 4 more nerve-shredding battles!

New enemies - The Diggers are here & they hunt by vibration. Tread lightly, or be torn to shreds!

New heroes - Goose & Luger bring a whole host of new tricks to the hero's arsenal, but will it be enough?

The Director - 2 more quick play director games utilising Issue 2 assets.


  • The Z War One Issue 2 rule book / comic book
  • 5 highly detailed 28mm metal miniatures (unpainted, also available in metal).
  • 2 full colour double sided game tiles (12x6)
  • 10 doors & stands
  • 18 search / equipment / director cards
  • 1 character stat card
  • 20 full colour game counters


Agent Z "Tactical Espionage - with Zombies!" Agent Z is a limited edition mini companion game which ships with all "Z Day" and "Total War" pledges. Different in tone to the co-operative Z War game, Agent Z is a 2 player "versus" game which pits two secret agents against each other in a variety of different scenarios. Of course it's all set to the backdrop of a world overrun with zombies and other infected, but now those zombies can be used against your enemy. Throw a pheromone grenade and see your opponent swarmed, grab a passing corpse and use it as an undead human shield or, using a director card, take direct control of a digger and give the opposition something serious to worry about.

New Agent Z missions are to be released regularly online, using assets from all the future Z War One issues. The two Agent Z characters and miniatures may also be used in the quick-play "Director" games.


  • The 1-4 player campaign seamlessly makes the transition between comic book & tabletop, as the thrilling finale of each chapter plays out on the game board. Limited ammunition, resources & time limits make for fast-paced, heart-pounding action, as the fates of our comic book heroes are placed in your hands. Survive the chapter, level up your team & the story continues...


  • In addition to the comic book campaign, the 2-5 player Director Mode is a quick-play game variation, allowing one player, through the use of director cards, to stack the odds against the heroes, manipulating spawning, pacing & enemy behaviour to suit their own evil design!